Along with all the new ways social media enables us to get connected, how to learn a new language has just become a step easier. Unlike a few years ago, today we have instant and free access to people from all around the world.

Learning a new language effectively first depends on how you can immerse yourself with the language. The best way to familiarize yourself with a language is to go and live in the country and interact directly with the locals, or find native speakers in your country if possible. The fact is that this is generally not always so easy, and so you need a backup plan.

This is where Facebook and Twitter can help!

Here are some practical tips on how to learn a new language with the aid of Twitter and Facebook:

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  • Start following people on Twitter who post in the language you want to learn. In some ways Twitter is ideal as a language tutor. It never overwhelms you with too much information, because each tweet is only 140 characters long! This limit also means that shorter, more commonly used words are favored. These two factors together mean that if you study tweets in the language you want to learn, you will never be overwhelmed and will learn the expressions and day to day use of the language rather than formal textbook sentences.
  • Follow experts in the language style you particularly want to learn. For example, if you want to learn business Spanish, then it would make sense to follow people who are involved in business. If you prefer learning new vocabulary related to medicine (for example if you are a Doctor), then start following Spanish doctors. It’s that simple.

Now, how to learn a new language on Facebook?

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  • Start joining some Facebook groups that have an audience in your target language. There are specialized language groups on Facebook already, so it makes sense to join those. But equally, you can also be more proactive and join the discussions of very active Facebook groups in the language that
    you wish to learn.
  • Engage in chats on Facebook with people who speak the language that you want to speak. Try and add friends that speak the language you wish to learn. Make sure that you write why you add them, otherwise they might simply ignore your invitation.

In many ways chatting away on Facebook and Twitter with a native speaker of the language you are learning is a bit like getting free lessons!

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