Watching TV

Today, many people want to know how to learn foreign languages as fast as possible. This is due to everybody lacking, or thinking to lack, the most valuable commodity in the 21st century: Time!

Now, without further explaining why this is…because you lack in time as well…let us go straight to it.

Remember the 80/20 principle? Let us apply it here as well.
How to learn foreign languages quickly while being entertained at the same time.

The answer is: Through movies.

I have the feeling you have already heard about learning languages through movies right? Now, wait!

Just watching the movie won’t enable you to learn languages fast. In fact, you have only just scratched the top of the iceberg in what you can get out from this language learning method.

Here are some reasons why watching movies can show you how to learn foreign languages.

Reason #1

When watching a movie, don’t only listen to the words but also to the intonation of these words. This will prevent you from sounding weird, (like Microsoft Sam) and enable your sentences to flow like a native speaker.

Reason #2

You are able to pay attention to body language associated with the words. You will soon notice that many cultures have totally different body movements, or kinetics, when saying something than you are used to. This will help you not only to talk, but also move like a native if that’s even possible.

Reason #3

While watching a movie you enjoy yourself. It is scientifically proven that the brain is able to absorb information at a much quicker when involved in an activity that you enjoy. Yes that’s right! Enjoying yourself leads to better retention of words.

Reason #4
All the vocabulary you learn are in sentences and do not only stand alone.

Now that you know why watching movies is one of the best foreign language learning tips, here is the 80/20 method to get the most out of how to learn foreign languages with movies.

Prerequisites: In order to fully benefit from this method you will need to be familiar with either the alphabet, or have some basic knowledge of the script/characters of the language you are learning.

Step #1

Choose a movie in the language you are learning. You will be working with it for quite a while, so make sure that you will enjoy it too.

Step #2

Watch it the first time as if you were watching any other movie. Even if you don’t understand the language yet, the main meaning of the movie will become clear to you.

Step #3

(Do not freak out! This step will acquire a lot of effort from your side but it’s totally worth it in the end) If possible switch on the subtitles in the same language that the movie is spoken in. Open up a text editor on your computer and either copy the subtitles, or write down everything that is been said
in the movie.

Step #4

Stop after every sentence. Write the sentence down in your text editor, then repeat the sentence in the same speed and intonation as spoken in the movie.

Step #5
You can even stand up and use similar body language while you speak the words out loudly.

If you are lucky enough, you may be able to find the entire movie scripts by doing a search on the internet.

However, you may find it even more helpful when writing it down on your own anyways.

Although you might think that this method is time consuming, it is not.

You will improve your listening, speaking, reading, writing, as well as gain some cultural understanding of the country you are learning the language of all at the same time. That’s what we call an 80/20 method to learn languages fast.

Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort.

-Franklin D. Roosevelt-