Practicing Language Pronunciation

When searching for material to help us improve our language pronunciation, we often find that most of the pronunciation exercises only focus on the English language. We want to share a universal method that can be used to improve your pronunciation for any language you wish to learn.

Again, we will be showing you a strategy that focuses on the most effective methods
that quickly lead you to results. You will be moving between 2 concepts to help you improve your pronunciation. Remember, whenever you strengthen your foundations in any particular area, you will be surprised with the results that can be achieved later on.

The first concept focuses only on the basic foundations of any language, the sounds.
Now that you have been listening to the language for about a month, you will focus on how to pronounce these basic sounds.

  • Get a beginner’s language book of your choice that includes a language pronunciation section. The book will show you how to pronounce some specific sounds using the sounds of your native language. See example below.

language pronunciation of words

Whenever you do pronunciation exercises, it is very important to always speak out loud. The muscles of your mouth also have to get familiarized with the pronunciation of words. You don’t know which books to get? Below we provide you with some quality books that include pronunciation sections.

  • Teach Yourself Language Book Series
  • Assimil Language Series
  • Lonely Planet Phrasebooks


After you are confident in pronunciation the single sounds present in the language, you can move on to this second concept that focuses on the pronunciation of words within a sentence.

  • Practice your pronunciation in whole sentences and not single sounds anymore. Think of every sentence being a song. Now you will not only practice pronunciation, but also the natural rhythm of a sentence. See example below.

language pronunciation exercises

Once you spent some time on the second concept but you feel that you could do better, go back to the basics and improve your sounds. Return back to concept 2 and continue until you are satisfied.

Don’t worry if you do not understand what you are reading yet. For now, simply focus on pronunciation.