language business benefits

Speaking your clients’ language in business will enable you to establish relationships which you could have not imagined before. When speaking to someone in their native tongue, you give them a feeling of trust and respect. You have proven your efforts to make life easier for your customer which gives them a feeling that you are serious about your business relationships.

“If I’m selling to you, I will speak your language; if I’m buying, then you must speak mine!”

-Willy Brandt, former German Chancellor-

Business is all about connecting people. Language is the fundamental tool people use to get connected. Using your customer’s language in business, you have found the 80/20 principle on improving these foundations. After strengthening your foundational building blocks, speaking the language of both your competition and clients will directly translate into business and career advantages.

Many highly skilled people find themselves reaching a plateau phase somewhere in their career. Many Enterprises are looking for multilingual representatives who are then put into higher positions of power simply because of their language skills. Many companies who have realized the true benefits of language are even willing to pay for their staff to take language classes.

Thinking that the English language is the dominating one is not necessarily wrong. However, you are missing the point that business revolves all around people. People will only be willing to cooperate when you give them the perception of trust. By adjusting to your customer’s needs instead them having to adjust to yours, is creating the perception that you respect them.

“Things are not what they are; they are what we think they are.”

-Rory Sutherland-

According to Robert B. Cialdini who has spent his entire career researching the science of influence, having shared similarities towards another person is one of the biggest influential factors that bonds people together. Learning the language of your clients is therefore one of the best business investments you can make.

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