The main aim of this section is to provide you with language learning methods that follow the 80 20 rule developed by an Italian economist called Vilfredo Pareto 2 centuries ago. All the language learning strategies found here, help you not only to learn a language quickly, but also to focus on how the language is really being used by native speakers of that language. So forget about all the boring textbook sentences.

We are using real life to teach you real methods that really work.

Before using these language methods, we suggest to read the sections on how to learn a language by:

  • Improving Listening
  • Improving Pronunciation
  • Improving Reading and Writing

Done that? Then get started.

The 80/20 Music Method

80-20 Music Methods

The 80/20 Movie Method

80-20 Movie Methods

80/20 Vocabulary Methods

80-20 Vocabulary Methods

80/20 Social Media Method

80-20 Social Media Methods

We are constantly working on finding new 80 20 language learning methods for you to benefit from. If you suddenly come up with a great idea on how to help people learn languages and are willing to share it with us, then contact LingoUnited here.