hardest languages to learn

Are you ready for a challenge? Here are the  for English native speakers.

There are many different lists scattered throughout the web that rank as the most challenging languages to learn. Problem there is that people speaking different languages other than English being their native tongue have different opinions on what the hardest languages to learn are.

Also, it is basically impossible to rank a language as a whole above another. In order to give us a clearer picture, it is important to break the languages down to their individual parts that make up the whole.

We have carefully considered factors such as the difficulty of Pronunciation, Grammar, Reading/Writing aspects of the language. Some information has also been collected from the FSI (Foreign Service Institute), other websites, and from some forum comments. With this list we want to show you why and what makes these languages so hard to learn.

Note that lists like these are simply made as a guide and should not be taken too seriously.

As requested, here is the list of the hardest languages to learn specifically for English native speakers. (Alphabetically ordered)

Native Speakers in millions: 232


Native Speakers: 660,000


-Chinese (Cantonese)
Native Speakers in millions: 71


-Chinese (Mandarin)
Native Speakers in millions: 1200


Native Speakers in millions: 5.0


Native Speakers in millions: 12.5


Native Speakers: 300,000


Native Speakers in millions: 122


Native Speakers in millions: 66


Native Speakers in millions: 40


Native Speakers in millions: 9


Native Speakers in millions: 69


According to the FSI (Foreign Service Institute), these languages need to be studied for at least 1100-2200 hours. However, if you show enough passion and are interested in the language you are currently learning, this list can look totally different for you.

We hope you enjoy this list of the hardest languages to learn. Although we have put in a lot of effort to make it as accurate as possible, we know that it is a rather subjective topic. Therefore opinions may vary from person to person. If you do have any suggestions on how to improve this list, then we will be more than pleased if you would let us know.

Leave us a comment and let us know of any other suggested hard languages you know of.