Rocket Arabic Language Software



Native Speakers: 200 million

Official Language in 22 countries

Once you get your hands on the Rocket Arabic language software, it will become a major tool that will help you reach your goal in becoming a fluent Arabic speaker. Although its best to diversify your language learning methods using books, mp3, and maybe even language classes, using a quality language learning software will help you a lot. The Rocket Arabic language software will teach you how to learn Arabic by using a wide range of teaching tools such as downloadable mp3 for your ipod, real life recordings of Arabic native speakers, Arabic culture lessons and much more. In addition to learning how to speak Arabic, you will also be exposed to the Arabic writing system and get to start reading as soon as possible. You can then always switch back to its English transliteration in order for you to learn even faster.

All Rocket Language softwares are known for frequently outperforming other language software options in terms of providing value for your money spent. According to PCMAG it has been rated as one of the best language learning softwares on the market today. Although no language software is a total replacement of a real human teaching you privately, it does have a structure that facilitates new language acquisition at a speedy pace.

The Rocket Arabic Language software has been designed in a way that is clear and easy to navigate for all kinds of users. There is therefore no need to dive in a manual too much. Every completed unit is carefully tracked and rated in order to let the users know where their strengths and weaknesses lie. Basic vocabulary that are part of the foundations of the language are often repeated throughout the units. Like with many other languages, there are often different dialects of that same language. In order to make things easier, the entire course has been designed around teaching you the most common dialect that is being used in the media in all 22 countries where Arabic is spoken, namely Egyptian Arabic. Using a recording system, the software will teach you how to pronounce the words as natural as possible.

Visit The Official Website of Rocket Languages and Start Learning Arabic Today

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