Rocket French Language Software


Native Speakers: 79 million

Official Language in 33 countries

Using a French language program will get you one step closer to speaking one of the most widely spoken and widely taught languages in the world. Today, many students learn French in their early school years, and some of them go on to speak it fluently as adults. Your goal is to become one of the students that go on to speak the language fluently throughout your life. The resources to learn French are vast, it is therefore important to find those resources that give you the best return on your invested time and money spent.

Today we are lucky to have access to technology that facilitates language learning by exposing us to a variety of learning methods in order to keep things interesting and helping us to stay motivated while reaching our goal. After comparing some products we came to the conclusion that the Rocket French language program offers the most for its price. According to PCMAG it has been rated as one of the best French language learning software out there today.

The Rocket French language learning software emphasizes on interactive and multimedia based learning. Users have access to downloadable mp3 files, grammar lessons, vocabulary games, audio exercises that challenge your listening and comprehension skills, and a recording system that compares your voice with that of a native speaker to improve your pronunciation.

Whoever has once learned French before has noticed that it’s grammar is one of the most challenging aspects. The Rocket French language program recognizes this and has, to some extent, made it more accessible to learn. The grammar lessons help users start from the basics and work their way up to more advanced grammar. Everything is taught in a step by step process. Users are able to track their progress made in each unit and rate where there strength and weaknesses are.

Although no French language learning software will be able to fully replace the benefits of being taught face to face by a French native speaker, the Rocket French language program comes pretty close in terms of engagement and effectiveness. However, it is still important to try and diversify your language learning experience using movies, music, phrasebooks, etc., to improve your overall abilities and achieve fluency in the language as quickly as possible.

Visit The Official Website of Rocket Languages and Start Learning French Today

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