Rocket Japanese Language Software


Native Japanese speakers: Approximately 132 million

Nations where Japanese is widely spoken: 7 nations

Choosing the right Japanese language learning software can give you a head start by providing you with a very strong foundation of the language. Here’s why.

Ever since Japan’s industrialization, Japanese has become a much more widely spoken language throughout the world. Japan is a technological powerhouse and attracts business partners from all over the world. There are many advantages for aspiring business people to learn Japanese. In the western world, Japanese is rarely taught in schools below the university level, and many universities are not equipped to teach Japanese past a certain point. However, more and more schools are making an effort to include the Japanese language as part of their curriculum. Any Japanese language program requires a combination of background information and immersion. A Japanese language software can lay the groundwork for you to eventually speak the language fluently.

Japanese is considered to be rather difficult to learn for a native English speaker. The grammar structure is considerably different than English, as are many of the individual sounds you have to produce for even simple words to make sense. The Rocket Japanese language software offers interactive audio lessons that can be downloaded as mp3 on your iPod, as well as lessons in Japanese culture and lessons that teach you more about how to read and write in Japanese. Any Japanese language program will have to incorporate transliterations of the characters at an early stage in order to speed up the learning process. At more advanced stages, students will be able to recognize the right phrases in the Japanese alphabet itself. Students should also practice with handwritten Japanese alphabetic characters as part of their immersion process.

Although this Japanese language software will be one of the major tools that will guide you to successfully learning the language, it is by far not the only one to consider. Those looking to immerse themselves in Japanese culture but do not have the time to live in Japan directly, have a wide range of options available. Many of these options, such as watching movies, listening to international radio stations and utilizing the power of word frequency lists are free and very effective. Practicing Japanese with Japanese-speaking friends or fellow Japanese students can also be very helpful. Anyone trying to learn the conversational version of any language must engage in actual conversations, which is often too unpredictable to be confined to lessons. Although a language software is not a complete substitute to a tutor teaching you face to face, it does offer creative ways that engage you as much as possible. The Rocket Language series was nominated as one of the best softwares on the market today by PCMAG.

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