In order to find the best language learning software that suites your needs, it should quickly lead you to results and at the same time be an enjoyable experience to learn.

Don’t use any other foreign language software before you see this!

We never provide you with a lot of choice. This is because we want to give you what we think is the best available on the current market.

Here are 2 of our favorite foreign language programs that made it on this page.
The reason we chose Rocket Languages and Transparent Languages is simple.
They both follow the 80/20 principle perfectly, Period!

Rocket Languages:

Rocket language learning software dashboard

This foreign language learning software is an all in one solution that is given to you for
a reasonable price. A great feature is that all of their courses are downloadable and iPod/MP3, as well as Windows and Mac compatible in order for you to learn the language wherever and whenever you want. You will be introduced to some conversations using audio, video and text in both the language you are learning as well as in English. In addition Rocket Languages provides you with some culture lessons to understand the language you are learning in more depth. Rocket Languages is definitely a winner and worth giving it the title of the best language learning software on the market along with Transparent Languages.

Transparent Languages:

What we really like about this software, is that they are striving to provide resources for all the languages of the world, regardless of their commercial value. This foreign language learning software tends to focus a lot on Vocabulary. You are able to download many different vocabulary lists for free and learn them using their flash card system. The words you have learned in one session will be shown to you again within specific time intervals in order to move them to your long term memory.

There are obviously many other quality language programs out there. However, here are some reasons why we did not mention them in the first place.

-Too expensive for what it provided
-No international shipping
-No downloadable versions

Do not spend your time trying out all the different kinds of softwares. Using the best
language learning software is just one of many tools making up the best language learning strategy. What really counts is looking at the big picture that combines all components of language learning in order to form the optimal strategy for you.

Together with the language learning methods we provide, you now have all you need to get started and get speaking.

Success lies in diversifying your language learning experience.