In your search to find the easiest language to learn, you are most likely going to find that for every person you ask, they will have their own valid opinion. The truth of the matter is that English has many of the traits of some foreign languages.

Once you understand how the vocabulary and sentence structure of another language is formed, you will find that there are plenty of easy languages to learn.

For some the easiest language to learn may be French. This is a romantic language that can entice many people. What you need to understand when learning French or any other language in general is that as you should look at similar traits the language you want to learn has to your native tongue. What are the similarities and the differences.

Comparing English with French, English has 12 verb forms that you need to understand to properly speak the language. In French, there are 17 verb forms that may take a little time to learn. In addition to this, you will have gendered nouns that will need to be properly addressed for your statements to make sense to the individual you are speaking to. The last portion of the struggle will come from vowel sounds and letters that are silent in words.

Once you work past those few obstacles, you will find the language quickly becomes a contender for the easiest language to learn. The French language has a lot of Latin derivations in the vocabulary you will recognize. This includes things like village, royal and others. Some estimate that the language shares 33% of the same vocabulary words and that helps to make it one of the easy languages an English speaker can learn.

Some may say that Italian was the easiest foreign language to learn. The reason is the fact the language is designed to be spoken. For example, many Italian words end in vowels, one of the reasons why many Italians who learn English as a second language will incorporate the vowel endings into many English words.

Along with this, you have the gendered nouns and standard romantic structure to the words. This does help it to be considered the easiest language to learn for many.

One of the other easy languages for English speakers to learn is the Spanish language. Because it has ten simple vowel sounds, in comparison to the 20 in English. With this, you also have fewer irregularities in the language and most words are going to be written like they are pronounced. The only area where most English speakers struggle is with the false cognates in the language.

What you need to understand is there are quite a few easy languages out there to choose from. Just remember the easiest language to learn for you might be different from the languages others have found to be easy to learn. As long as you put an honest effort into the process, you should find that in a reasonable amount of time, you can begin to speak a language and hold a comfortable conversation with it.